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Central to much of our work is the creation of Leadership Development Programs for corporates who wish to make a tangible step forward in their organisations' leadership capabilities.

These programs are highly integrated into a corporate's strategy and usually delivered under the brand of the business, creating a strong in-house feeling.


Participants are typically a combination of both the executive management team and those individuals emerging as future organisational leaders.

These pragmatic programs are designed specifically for each organisation we work with, reflecting their specific needs and environment at the time.

Cultural Audits


We assist senior management to understand the depth and quality of their leadership capabilities  -  to answer the question: are we a well led  organisation and what can we do about it?

Creating Leaders undertake structured leadership audits through a combination of interview and survey to determine the answer to these too rarely considered questions.

Women in 


Principal Deborah Truter has extensive experience in working with women joining executive roles, to support them to excel as senior executives to tackle the complexities of their new roles.  She has supported many senior and high potential women to achieve their aspirations at work and in life.

Business Strategy


Our Principals work with a range of business and unit head leaders to assist them to identify their key outcomes drivers and fundamental actions to deliver their highest performance possible.


These sessions, ranging from single days to a series of interactions, are centered around the vital people facet; their identification, their inspiration and their management to deliver the results.



Calling upon the range of skills, tools and experience that we have, we can provide pertinent, purposeful and fun corporate speakers at any corporate gathering


Our presenters always go to great lengths to understand the business, its strategic goals  and the audience they are addressing  - to be pertinent, relevant and  aligned to the message to be delivered




Teams fail to achieve their potential rarely because of a lack of willingness or intent.  They underperform due to an imbalance between the range of needed skills that successful teams exhibit  - an imbalance that is both counterproductive and ultimately damaging.


Through our Creating High Performance Teams Workshops  - a one day team based experience  - teams themselves create a Charter setting out how they will perform together, playing to strengths and eliminating/negating shortfalls and weaknesses.


We also assist Teams in their Role Identification and Alignment.


People Performance Consulting


We assist our clients with
Pre-Appointment Assessments and interviewing, to ensure individuals joining a leadership role has the range of skills to be successful.




A range of support mechanisms to fundamentally improve the quality of  Leaders and future Leaders in your business  - to equip yourselves with the right team members who will deliver results through your people in the years ahead


These include:


Non Technical Skills Identification and Job Description Preparation

Third party pre appointment assessments and interviews

Interview Preparation Training and Review

Integration Coaching and Leadership Skill Implementation


People Performance Coaching

Proven business coaching that provides dramatic effects on the performance of individuals and ultimately an organisation's success. Our executive coaches challenge thinking, stimulate creativity, provide tools and techniques for dealing with the broadest range of situations, gives encouragement and ultimately builds the confidence of the Executive.


Our work here is always customised to the needs of the organisation and the skills of the Executive.  We call on a range of processes and  experiences that can include:


Self awareness assessments

Communication skill assessments

Performance Management Review Support


We will 'License' your key people to be true Leaders in your organisation


Leadership Solutions
Customer solutions


Building sustainable, highly profitable businesses is dependent entirely on its customer centric culture. When all in your business is aligned by the belief that the only reason your organisation exists is to make your customers more successful, then you will achieve your long term goals.


Our customer service programs are aimed at everyone, from the CEO to the latest recruit, and start with examining your teams’ perception around customers and the value you create for them.  Our perceptions drive behaviours and our behaviours determine whether targets are exceeded or not. The program identifies and embeds customer focused behaviours, managing challenging situations that are universally involved and places customer service truly on the sales continuum.


A series of workshops to embed core skills into any team or group requiring sales success.

Creating long term relationships

The strength of all businesses derives from long term relationships, particular in the professional services industries.  This program focuses on a continuum of qualifying and targeting prospects, through to creating and maintaining long term relationships.  As client trust rises, so does their confidence in your business as they realise and depend upon the value you deliver.


Transitioning successful individuals to true leaders

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