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Creating Leaders embed the skills, culture and practice of great leadership into organisations,  delivering enhanced performance, productivity and engagement from your teams.

It is about investing in your people to increase the returns from your teams, contributing to the bottom line. We assist you to create a stronger, more robust, engaged and valuable Organisation.


Great strong organisations are well led, not only from the top but at every level where people are achieving their outcomes through people.


You can see this through the quality and frequency of communication in a corporation, the openness of its people to improve themselves and a culture of people wanting and expecting to be well led.


At Creating Leaders, our approach is to design deliver and support great leadership programs -  ones that truly moves the thinking and culture of the organisation, delivering bottom line results.


We do this by getting under the corporate skin - to understand a business' culture and strategy , its commercial imperatives and unrealised opportunities.

Everything we do, we do for our clients if we were in-house.

Our Approach Our Values

Our success depends upon the maintenance of our reputation for honesty and integrity, and our ability to fulfill our promises.

Highest Standards

Highest standards underpin all that we do. Success for us and our clients are only achieved through the best work, requiring excellence, innovation and creativity.


We seek to deliver all of our work in a manner that delivers real change, real results, not clouded by jargon or fluff or bulk. We will not shy from making recommendations to achieve this.

Client Commitment

Central to the success of Creating Leaders is our commitment to our clients. They are the core of our business and our recognition of their success drives us to serve them with unswerving dedication.


We must work with our clients as a team to achieve exceptional outcomes.


We strive to enjoy the greatest confidence of our clients and their people and we will deliver our work in a manner that always honours this.

Deborah Truter

"As a leader, it takes commitment and focus to ensure the right things are being done, and having a team sufficiently mature and skilled to work with their people to get great outcomes. Assisting individuals to embed these skills is fabulously motivating”.

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Rob Quinn

"Supporting people to develop themselves, from technically strong to leadership equipped, from being respected for their industry knowledge to being admired and acknowledged for their leadership capabilities, is a great privilege and opportunity".

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Transitioning successful individuals to true leaders

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